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Meadow farm Studio, Bridle Lane. Lower Hartshay,


Established over '40' Years

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Engineer Debbie at the controls.........


01773 - 740264 or 07971-590599 (E-Voucher within the hour!)



For that Special Day...Father's Day/Mother's Day/Birthday/Wedding/Anniversary and of course CHRISTMAS

Father & Son(Derek and William)enjoy a Red Letter Days session....

QUOTE 'WEBCOVID2021'and receive 10% of ALL below prices!!!!!

WE ARE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK - Please add £4-00 for P&P if ordering a printed presentation package....................We can send an 'E-Voucher' so you can personalise it if you wish, just mention when ordering, or in the description box section on PayPal, that you require EXPRESS E-VOUCHER (Cheque,cash and all major credit/debit cards accepted. Payment made out to Evroad Ltd, see below for online payment)

E-Voucher Package contains- a)Letter of introduction. b) Press Release. c) Backing track list. d) Promo-Pics. e) Terms etc. f) Personalised Voucher (normally received within the hour)Email details to -

* 1 Hour ' Taster ' Session for 1 person(midweek only)..........................................£49-00

* 2 hour recording session voucher/Midweek...£95-00 Open............£110-00

* 3 hour recording session voucher/Midweek...£129-00. Open.........£149-00

* 6 hour recording session voucher/Midweek...£235-00.Open.........£275-00

* 9 hour recording session voucher/Midweek...£390-00.Open..........£425-00

* 12 hour session(ideal for recording original material)midweek....£400-00 Open.......£429-00

A Family booking can be added to the 3 hour and above session to include a total of 4 members of the same family(Covid restrictions apply).......... +£50-00

(The 9hr & 12hr sessions may be split over Two days and worked as 3 or 4 x 3 hour sessions. 1,2 & 3 hour sessions are not available for Groups.)

'OPEN' MEANS IT CAN BE USED WEEKDAYS/WEEKENDS/BANKHOLS & OVER THE CHRISTMAS BREAK. The 2 hour and longer Experience sessions are ideal for solo or duet performances. For 3 people or more ,see the group or party section below. We supply baking tracks on the day of your session free of charge, however, should you wish to rehearse your songs prior to this you may browse through the online catalogue below where you can purchase backing tracks in advance of your session or phone 01773-740264 for latest availability and further details(please add £4-00 for P&P if hard copy presentation package is required).


You may purchase a gift voucher or E-Gift Voucher for a specific amount if you prefer, this can then be put towards any session and lasts for the same amount of time as the session vouchers. These vouchers also come complete with a similar package as the session vouchers! All vouchers may be extended past the expiry date for £10--00 per month or part of, this means that in essence the voucher never runs out!!!

All voucher sessions include a printed 'RETRO' CD of the performance or an MP3

For Credit Card Payment, decide which of the above voucher/Studio Sessions you require, then click-

filling in all necessary information in the 'DESCRIPTION' box i.e. 'Happy Christmas etc.'.....etc.' Enter discounted price and await Voucher!

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New Album Under Way Entitled 'Tale Of Ale' for FREE REED MUSIC - below a few shots from the first session - due for release in June.

John Tams/Benammi Swift & the late Mike Peat(R.I.P.)

Below - Guys from the Ashby Big Band ( Steve Liptrot, Sam Dye & David Bradford) record tracks for the latest album for the 6 piece 'Tea Dance Band' entitled - ''ANYTHING GOES''

Scroll down for PARTY details!

Amy and friends/sisters,strike a pose during for her 9th Birthday Party on Saturday!

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Fabulous Russian concert violinist Ýulia'records some classic masterpieces..


(You may phone card details in if you prefer 01773-740264)

Great Session This Weekend With' The Nightingales' a superb vocal ensemble and part of the Roll Royce Ladies Choir(pictured along with John, their talented accompanist).


"METROPOLIS" were in this week to record a track for a forth coming DVD plus a few original numbers for their on-going album.....great band,slick guitar work & tasty Bass playing, if you see them advertised locally they're well worth a look/listen. Anyone recognise 'SLIM' the drummer on the left without makeup on?? Played with Arthur Brown, of 'FIRE' fame, back in the 70's.

A link below, to our Facebook page,so you can get a feel for the voucher experience sessions and a few of the results...also a few film/phone video clips. NO song limit, you can sing as many songs as you want in your session time!


Click Here For DANNY JONES(McFly)



20% off studio rates for all M.O.D serving and Ex-service personnel (proof required)

Ex- Military musician Keith Birkett, Lays Down A Few Tracks!!

Why not try your hand at being a Studio Engineer. You can record your own material or mix from previously recorded Bands/Artists Digital or Analogue multitrack masters (Pro-Tools/Hi-8 or Analogue multitrack). This is a hands on experience and covers everything from correct microphone placement, drum kit & acoustic instrument recording as well as signal processing, D.I. & midi applications. Infact we can tailor make the course to your requirements. If you wish you can even bring along your own home recordings and fine tune them using the latest technology. At the end of the session you will receive a 'Recording Studio Foundation Course' certificate as well as a CD Master of your production in whatever format you would like (Audio,WAV.MP3 etc.).

£149-00 (for 'workexperience' students, still in fulltime education, this would cover 6 hours)

Any NonPaymant/Default payment may result in the FULL
Applicable Studio Rate being Due(plus costs if applicable)
Any special/sale offer will become null in void. Administration fee of £30-00 applies to any cancellation/no show, which is not the fault of the studio, when re-booked.

The fabulous Knight Sisters, Becci,Sarah & Kirsty during yet another great session!



Starstruck Academy Kids!!

Above - Olivia Coe, semi-finalist of the nationwide 'OPEN MIC' competition run by LIVE & UNSIGNED group. ( the prize was a day in the Studio)

'LYNDA LAW' (I Don't Want Your Love - 1990) records a few tracks for her forthcoming album!

A Time Capsule in Sound!!

Jessica Woods ( 'JAQ' in 'My Parents Are Aliens) enjoys a session here at Meadow Farm Studio.

Make it an extra special day to remember!! For the younger ones Party's, we can obtain a visit from Jessica Woods(star in 'My Parents Are Aliens/Hospital etc.) who will spend time,have fun and sing along with the children (if required.) She also presents the children with signed photo's. More details about Jessica can be found on the following link-

Click here to go to 'My Parents Are Aliens' Website

Obviously the booking, should you require Jessica, would have to be made when she was available. There is an additional cost for Jessica, contact the Studio for further details.

....... LUCIA MATISSE - Completes her latest Album - Currently touring with 'We'll Meet Again' North Pier Blackpool & other Major Venues.



For Credit Card Payment, decide which of the above voucher/Studio Sessions you require, then click-
u>filling in all necessary information in the 'DESCRIPTION' box i.e. 'Happy Christmas etc.'.....etc.' Enter discounted price and await Voucher!

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PARTY SESSIONS!!(Subject to current Covid restrictions)


3 Hours/including soft Drinks ........ up to 10 children........£169.00( £25-00 per person over 10)

2 Hours/including soft Drinks........ up to 6 children........................£145-00

The birthday girl/boy/ gets to pick the song of their choice and after a brief introduction to a few tricks of the trade (and of course the engineer) the party will go into the studio from the control room and record a song. If there is time they could get two or three recorded, the number of songs all depends on ability. Each party member gets a CD! You can all sing the same song, or split up into groups and record separate songs. We will make the most of their talents and show you the work that goes on behind the scenes in a recording studio. Go on, prove to everyone that you have the X Factor! You will be in the capable hands of a qualified, experienced engineer/producer who will guide you through the recording process enabling you to achieve that elusive professional sound having the benefit and full use of the latest digital technology. A parent/Adult must accompany the part and may video proceedings or take photos if they wish. You may bring your own snacks/cake or there is a McDonalds 2 mins drive away and you are welcome to bring in/collect your own selection from their menu.

ARRIVE IN SYLE ............................................................................................................................................................................................................ EAT YOUR HEART OUT 'MR COWELL'



McDonalds - There is a McDonalds 2 mins drive away and you are welcome to bring in/collect your own selection from their menu during the session.


Meadow Farm Studio is on Bridle Lane in Lower Hartshay just outside Ripley in Derbyshire. It is easily accessible from the A610 which is fed by the A6 at Ambergate, and from the south M1 junction 26 or from the north junction 28 M1.

From the North/South A6 join the A610 at Ambergate, carry on until you reach the traffic lights at the Excavator Pub. Turn first right after the traffic lights signposted 'LOWER HARTSHAY ONLY' Then first right opposite the George Inn, into Bridle Lane. We are the third/last premises on the right with 'MEADOW FARM STUDIO' written in wrought iron signs both on the approach and side walls.

From junction 28 M1 take the A38 Derby Road, until signs to the A610 Ripley/Matlock are located. Take the A610 off the roundabout signposted - Matlock,Ambergate. Once on the A610 Lower Hartshay is the first left turn sign posted 'LOWER HARTSHAY ONLY' Then first right opposite the George Inn, into Bridle Lane. We are the third/last premises on the right with 'MEADOW FARM STUDIO' WEST VIEW,12 BRIDLE.LOWER HARTSHAY DE5 R3Q.

If using M1 J26 from the south, turn first left off the slip road, onto the A610 following signs for Codnor/Ripley/Ambergate. When you arrive at the A38 flyover, take the A610 off the roundabout signposted - Matlock,Ambergate. Once over the roundabout on the A610, Lower Hartshay is the first left turn, sign posted 'LOWER HARTSHAY ONLY' Then first right opposite the George Inn, into Bridle Lane. We are the third/last premises on the right with 'MEADOW FARM STUDIO' WEST VIEW,12 BRIDLE.LOWER HARTSHAY DE5 R3Q.

For a more detailed road map please go to google maps and type in the search box...DE5 3RQ, Meadow Farm Studio. Once the map has appeared use the zoom and movement features to manipulate the image.


For Credit Card Payment, decide which of the voucher/Studio Sessions you require,then click-

filling in all necessary information in the 'DESCRIPTION' box(don't forget to add 2.5% for card charge).

(You may phone in details if you prefer 01773-740264)

Above - 'S.H.Glee' (Swanwick Hall School Choir) during their recent recording

Contact the Studio for up-to-date hourly Rates for Bands.01773-740264 or 07971-590599

Andy Sneap (Producer - METALLICA) & 'Sabbat' in the early days


Great local band 'ARMARDA' during a break in recording

Dan Blankley - Bass Guitar-Lost In Transition [below] Facebook...9th September..........Oh regarding the studio we used, It's Meadow Farm Recording Studios, I won't tell you what's good about it's because I don't need to. It's that good!


'NEFARIOUS' finish their latest recording!'SORT IT OUT' lay down a few tracks.


On behalf of the band I want to thank you and Jonathan for the time and trouble you took during our recent recording session. Your professionalism and expertise made the day a great success for us. We have been delighted with the results. Even without post-processing, you managed to capture the best recording we've made as a band. We will definitely be back!

We run a band web site and documented the day.

We've also (temporarily) added the rough mixes to the site under the 'Our Songs' tab. These will get progressively replaced as we master them.

Once again, thanks for everything....... Mike


Kate during her recent session

Club Duo 'SAXY'



Sadly missed, a true pro who I always enjoyed working with. (Faded writing reads ' STEW - we can't go on meeting every 20 years like this - Your Pal BOB ')

Below - Mobile Recording At Gullivers Kingdom, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire

Click Here For'THE AMBASSADORS OF SWING' Pics & Info(Page '2')


Click Here For Studio Testament Page

Derbyshire County Youth Wind Band (112 Instrumentalists) during one of the Mobile Recording sessions for Chatsworth Tercentenary.(M.D. Murray Slater R.I.P). See Testament page link above..

Below-Session with Jack Peberdy(BBC) M.D. Murray Slater R.I.P


Local Recording Studio Signs with Virgin

Meadow Farm Studio is celebrating 35 years of recording this year, 24 of which have been in Lower Hartshay, Derbyshire. Stewart Field, the Studios owner, has a wide and varied musical background starting as a Cornet player in Dove Holes Silver Band. He then joined the Royal Army Ordnance Corps Staff Band (R.A.O.C.) as a French Horn player doubling on String Bass. He then attended The Royal Military School Of Music Kneller Hall, studying under Alfred Cursue (4th Horn/Dennise Brain Quartet) gaining the required qualifications for the Student Bandmaster course. Whilst at Kneller Hall Stewart put his own Big Band together, which included fellow student Gordon Campbell on Trombone, and supported the Maynard Ferguson band for a live BBC recording. Stewart has recently taken up French horn again, after a 30 plus years break, playing/touring with 'The Phoenix Concert Band' with Stephen Barton being principal French horn.
He later left the military to tour with such artistes as Frankie Vaughan, Eric Delaney, Chico Arnez, The English Philharmonic Orchestra, Tony Christy & Martin Taylor (currently voted worlds number 1 jazz guitarist) as well as recording for the BBC, both in London and Birmingham plus the Charlie Chester show for Granada. He later worked at the 'Lakeside Club' in Camberley with such names as Freddie Cole (Nats brother) The Brothers Lees, Tommy Cooper and Lesley Crowther to name but a few, He then played Bass in the resident band at 'Churchill's Club' in New Bond Street were he had the pleasure of working with such names as Eartha Kit, Juliet Prowse (co-star with Elvis Presley in G.I.Blues) and the infamous Bernard Manning. He then became Musical Director of Dagenham Silver Prize Band and also the now closed Commodore International Club in Nottingham. During his time at the Commodore, were he doubled on Bass Guitar & Trumpet, he had the pleasure of working with and meeting many artists including, Gerry Marsden, Gene Pitney, Marti Caine, Bob Monkhouse, Duncan Norvelle(chase me!) The Nolan Sisters,Ken Dodd and Les Dennis. In the early 70's Stewart was responsible along with Tony Adamson (Clarity Music) for bringing the name Karaoke into the country and recording the First Backing tapes. For this the studio was black listed by the Musicians Union for a short time until backing tracks/Karaoke became accepted and the studio became prolific in recording tracks with real musicians (as opposed to midifile/sequenced tracks) In the late 70's Stewart took a sideways step and formed his own company, in conjunction with Leo Fender (Fender guitars) and Don Randall, designer of the worlds first guitar amplifier. The company, called EVERBIMES, which is semibreve spelt backwards, imported G&L Guitars and Randall amps and became a major player on the musical instrument wholesale distribution stage. During this time, in his capacity as marketing manager, Stewart worked with such names as, Rod Stewart, Billy Jo Spears, Peter Gabriel, Boxcar Willy, Genesis, Poacher, The Spinners, Randy California, Sammy Hagar, Ian Anderson(Jethro Tull) Dave Pegg and Fairport Convention, Ruby Murray, Leapy Lee, Wayne Fontana, Tom O'Connor & many more. Infact it was through Dave Pegg that Stewart first caught the studio bug and purchased 'Peggy's' Cropredy studio when Peggy moved to Barford St.Michael. Having been a professional musician for most of his life, Stewart has also played in many shows including, Grease, Spike, Summer Holiday, Fame, Les Miserables We Will Rock You, Back To The 80's. Oliver, Scandalouse, Oz, Forbidden Planet, Disco Inferno, Boogie Nights and recently played Bass Guitar in Jesus Christ Superstar at the Derby Assembly Rooms, alongside Martin Kershaw on guitar.

His Studio has, and is being used for all types of recordings from productions for John Tams including music for the TV series Sharpe, music for Peak Practice, working with local maestro Greg Francis, who directed and produced the Memphis Belle Orchestra recorded at Meadow Farm, to recording the music for Gulliver's Kingdom's Christmas shows, Peter Pan for Holiday on Ice (Walt Disney) and the Audio Assist Manuals for Network Rail. The studio also had the privilege of working with the late Murray Slater and his Grace Andrew Cavendish, the 11th Duke of Devonshire, along with the Derbyshire County Youth Windband for the recording of the original music to celebrate the tercentenary of the Devonshire Dukedom at Chatsworth. More recently the Studio has just completed CD's for DaleDiva, Rolls Royce Ladies Choir, The Dalesman Male Voice Choir.The studio has also already been booked to record ' Voices ' (Derby City Ladies Choir) as well as a 3rd album for Alfreton Ladies Choir, now renamed 'Sonara' in early 2010.
It was in-between these sessions that Stewart originated the Studio Experience. This he then launched nationally with Red Letter Days with great success some sixteen years ago. Danny Jones (McFly) recorded his debut single 'Silence in The City' a moving song about the tragic events of 9/11, during a studio voucher session. Pete Conway, also known as Robbie Williams Dad, recorded some tracks at the studio and also took demos, written by Martin Kershaw, for Robbie to evaluate. This experience is now available in most major retail stores including Harrods, Debenham's, House of Fraser, etc. and this concept has now been copied nationally by many studios, large and small. In 2005 Stewart signed a contract with Activity Superstore which puts the Studio in WH Smiths, Argos & Boots as well as on line with Amazon, and many more.
In 2006 the Studio signed a similar contract with Virgin and is now included in their Experience brochure. Infact Meadow Farm is represented by more retailers and agencies than any other recording studio and is exclusively featured in the 'Ultimate Gift Experiences' guide 2006. The Studio has three full time qualified engineers, all attaining degrees at either Manchester, Leicester or Staffordshire Universities. Although responsible in part for the rise of Karaoke, the studio experience is anything but Karaoke. The session begins with an informative overview of studio techniques, with one of three qualified engineers, and the recording scene in general, moving onto the session of choice, be that vocal, instrumental, engineering etc. The session finishes with the client being presented with their very own 'on body' printed CD. It goes without saying that the Studio is Stewart's passion, not only is it the original 'Studio Experience' but it is one of the few Studios in the country, to support all three recording protocols.

DEBBIE FOULKES(Resident Engineer)


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