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This first section is set up in memory of all ex members of the R.A.O.C. Staff Band

who I've learnt are sadley no longer with us-


Hello Lynne Smyth here.

Thank you so much to all of you who wrote lovely messages to Chris before he died. I was able to read them out to him and they meant a lot to him. His funeral will be on 15th June 3.45 at Aldershot crematorium. You're all welcome and back here at home afterwards (Ambleside Close Mytchett). Lynne xxx



Capt. R.A.Y.Mitchell



John Young & John'Sherry' Sheringham.(Bill Lil

still going strong!



Gordon Codd,Jo McCulloch & Don Phillimore.


Syd 'Gussie' Thorn and Bill Barrowcliffe.

L/R - Syd 'Gussie' Thorn and wife Betty,(John Taylor, John Henson still going strong)& Bill Barrowcliffe.



Chris Smyth (My old sparing partner... R.I.P 31/05/2016)


Dave Smith -LEFT.


Les Baker(No further details)


Ian'Titch"Watkinson(Age75-no picture as yet.)



I've just started this page therefore, it's very much still under construction..........so.....any comments you would like to post on this page or indeed any pics you would like to contribute, please contact Stewart Field on - 01773 740264 or email- stewart@meadowfarmstudio.co.uk

It would be great to hear from you!



I thought I'd start with a bit of Military Band/bugling history. Thanks to Doug Leeming (a fellow French Horn player) for the photos.




I have recently received some wonderful photos from ex- band member Peter Smith M.B.E. So I am dedicating the first section of this page to all who served with Peter and those musicians photographed therein. Peter also graciously sent some photo's belonging to David his brother, who I had the pleasure of serving with, and who's untimely death was a shock to us all. If anyone knows the names of guys who have not been mentioned please feel free to drop me a line with name and any details .


Owing to recent contributions from Bill Barrowcliffe(who sadley passed away peacefully on 17/12/2013), Bill Lilley, Giles Bodoano, Rosemarie Young and of course P.B,S. I have extended the original date parameters of 196?/1974. This is followed by a an overview of 'Life after the R.A.O.C' and a few pics of some of the talented and interesting guys I've met and worked with over the years..............any further pictorial or editorial documents gratefully received and returned post haste!


This is a recently developed print from a neg sent in by P.B.Smith of the R.A.O.C. Band on H.M. Coronation. The R.A.O.C. are at the back, left, and we believe the other band on the right was the R.A.S.C...not sure though. In front are two RAF Bands. Major Henry Jarman can be seen on the left flank.



RAOC Portsmouth Barracks Hilsea.



Tom Brownlow, Ginger Morgan, John Skinner, P.B.Smith, Tom Carter, John Young, Ron Bishop.


Tom Brownlow, Busty White, Frank Beaumont, Frank Lamb, Ken Webb, Tom Carter, John Skinner.


Back Row - Frank Lamb, Tom Carter, P.B.Smith, Jim Buck, Jock McKie. Middle Row - Chris Jacobs.. ?. Ken Webb. Front Row - John Sherringham, Jock Connell, Hopkins, Alan Clark, D. Scrase.



Below - Cass Kelly,Tom Carter, P.B.Smith & Jack Watley.


'PB' &Frank 'Sax' Baldwin.


'PB' & Frank Lamb



Roger Churchill - oboe.

Peter B. Smith &Tom Carter

Peter B. Smith & John Sherry

Ron Bishop, Henry Dean & Oskar Gove.

Party For Orphans Given By RAOC Staff Band (I think I recognise D/maj Vincent 2nd in from the right....Any one recognise anybody or know what year?)




Back row - ?. ?. ?. ?. Lofty Davis, BobWarner Titch Cocker, ?. 3rd Row - ?. ?. Ginger Watkins, Henry Dean, John SherringHam, ?. Mick Sparkes. ?. ?. 2nd Row - Joe Coombes, ?. Cyril Cross, Jock McKie, ?. Lewis, Tom Carter,D/Major, ?. P.B.Smith,?.?.?.?. Front Row - Busty White, Jack Harper, John Young, Maj.Fred Goddard, Brig.?. Col.Tobin, Gus Thorn, Frank Lamb,?.




Below are a few photo's belonging to Dave Smith and given to Peter who has kindly allowed us to put them on the site. I don't have much information about most of these so if anyone would like to send me any details I'll put it with the appropriate photo.



Below -Alan Clark



Here's a lovely letter I have just received from ex RAOC member, Brian Williams.Hope he won't mind me putting it up as I feel it more than qualifies to be posted....


Greetings from Canada Stewart,
When finding your website dedicated to the ex-members of the RAOC Band the memories came flooding back. You are a super memory spinner. Having spent six years from 1955 to 1961 playing trombone with the band with one year at the Kneller Hall I have mostly happy memories from the period. I had a lasting friendship with Derek Auld until his death and that kind of ended my contact from banding in England. At this point my musical background and immigrating to Canada would put things in perspective.
At age thirteen the local brass band were recruiting youngsters to play an instrument and my love affair with the trombone was started. National Service time came and I auditioned for the band. Major Goddard decided that as I was not fluent in the bass clef and would take me for three years, I signed on and never looked back, perhaps a few times in basic training I may have had second thoughts!! Deciding to get back to my roots in the brass band the Pressed Steel Works Brass Band at Oxford close to my home town of Thame had an opening and a job came with it. After six months of working all day and playing in bands most nights became a grind. I had heard the Canadian Forces were looking for musicians and after auditioning I joined up once more.
Here’s a short look at the next 30 years with the Canadian musicians. Six years with the Canadian Guards Band, one year’s course at the Can. Forces School of Music, seven years with the Vimy Band, six years with the Royal Canadian Regiment, Prince Phillip as Colonel in Chief, another four years with the Vimy Band and my last six years with a change of uniform to blue with the Central Band of the Canadian Forces in Ottawa. Deciding not to take commission when offered I remained as a Chief Warrant Officer and assistant director of music for my remaining 16 years. (Attached 1991 PR photo for your information.)
Retired to St. Catharines in southern Ontario at age 55 and conducted and played in local groups. I am still actively conducting and playing bass guitar at age 83. Everything is on hold with this Covid-19 and we hope to be back making music once more when that is possible.
So sad to read that Dave Smith and Bill Barrowcliffe had passed away. I did have some correspondence with Pete Smith from time to time when he was working in Germany but lost contact after that.
You ask for help to put names to faces in the band pictures. Here are a few.
1) Four on a motor cycle: L to R – Haining, he was N.S. Scotsman and can’t I remember his first name, Ian Carson, also a Scotsman on N.S. John Sherringham and Dave Smith.
2) The Soccer team: Back row: Bill Barrowcliffe, John Sherringham. Bottom L to R. Ian Watkinson.
Ian was our lead soloist and came to Canada also, not in the military as he was a Salvation Army member. We were in touch for a number of years and I heard that he passed away a few years ago.
3) Picture “after” Brighton Bandstand, L to R top, Ian Carson, Pete Hodges, ? Dave Smith. Bottom: ?, Bill Barrowcliffe.
We missed serving together but we had the pleasure of serving with a great group of musicians. You are doing a great job of bringing pleasure and memories back for so many of us and I hope people tell you what an important job you are doing for them.
I have a few pictures that I will forward once I get them organized.
Stay well in these trying times.
Best wishes Brian Williams


Big thank you to Brian Williams for sending in some of these photo's(see letter from Canada above)







The picture above is of the RAOC dance band from L to R. Brian Williams( who also sent these photos and attached notes), Dixie Dean, John Sherringham, ? , and on piano a National services man who was a teacher from London and later he became the head of music for London schools, his name escapes me!! Who was on drums...anyone knows let me know and I'll get them posted.

The below picy was taken at the seaside is as follows: L to R. Mike Gardiner, Alan Clarke, Bill Barrowcliffe, Fred Burns, Joe Coombs and a ? for the last person.


NAMES SUPPLIED COURTESY OF - Brian Williams.........

Four on a motor cycle: L to R – Haining, he was N.S. Scotsman and can’t I remember his first name, Ian Carson, also a Scotsman on N.S. John Sherringham and Dave Smith.




An historic Photo Of David taking part in SPORT!!



A flute player with great ambition?

Back Row - Bill Barrowcliffe (center) - Gordon Codd to Bill's right- - John Sherringham (far right) Who are the others??


NAMES SUPPLIED COURTESY OF - Brian Williams.......... Bottom L to R. Ian Watkinson.
Ian was our lead soloist and came to Canada also, not in the military as he was a Salvation Army member. We were in touch for a number of years and I heard that he passed away a few years ago.


Below -Brighton Bandstand 1950


NAMES SUPPLIED COURTESY OF - Brian Williams.........

L to R top, Ian Carson, Pete Hodges, ? Dave Smith. Bottom: ?, Bill Barrowcliffe.




L/R - Syd 'Gussie' Thorn and wife Betty,John Taylor, John Henson & Bill Barrowcliffe.




RAOC Band getting ready to record at BBC Maida Vale Studio,London.


Below - John Sherry (Tenor sax) Dixy Dean (Trumpet) Bill Barrowcliffe (Double Bass) Bill Simpson (Drums) John Young ( Alto Sax)

1950s Dance Band & Major Jarmin with John Young & 'Taf' Lewis(Clts) and Jim Lowdon/Hoskins & Danny Bryan(Cnts)




Capt.R.A.Y. Mitchell





1966-7? the late Capt. R.A.Y Mitchell D.M.

(Above 1966) The guys I can remember L- R...John Young,Gordon Codd,Jo McCulloch,Rob Kellaway,John Taylor,Bert Fulford,John Henson.

D.M.- Capt. R.A.Y.Mitchell



It really is strange how, things, happen!

Yesterday: I e-mailed a good friend who is currently the Director of Music of Perth Cathedral. As a PS. to my message I asked him if he had come across RAY Mitchell during his time in Australia!

Today: I have just come across your excellent RAOC Band web site which very sadly tells me that ' Ron ' as I knew him, is no more.

We first met in 1962 when I was a 22 year old Lieutenant in the RAOC and had returned to Blackdown prior to going on the AAC pilot course. We became very good friends and in many ways he was a mentor. Having passed the flying course I was able, a few years later, to give him a flight in an Alouette~ [see attached photo].I did not see Ron after he went to Australia, but I have very fond memories of him.


Mike Ewens


On Leaving the RAOC Capt. Mitchell became Squadron Leader R.A.Y. Mitchell of the Royal Australian Air Force ( our loss, their gain) here receiving a Gold Disc for sales in excess of 1 Million of his latest recording!









Yeeeah....whose a smart

Horn player then








John Combs & John Sherringham


Bernard Morgan with Pete Bun on Sax





Chris Smyth & Bill Lilley ( August 1970 ) & Chris below playing the Rifle!!


Summer Concert On The Mall


Bill Lilley & Ron Brennan


Capt. Duncan Beat. L.V.O. O.St.J. A.R.C.M. psm.



What a line up -Bill Lilley,Chris Smyth, Danny Bryan, Henry Clydesdale, Ken Johnson & Lawrence Warburton.





Bill & 'Bo'



John Sherry & Bill Lilley


Above - Are Bill Barrowcliffe, Don Phillimore, Fred Lee, Bill Castle, Bernard Morgan & Dave Smith. I think this was taken at the 'Gaslight Club' in Hong Kong,1969 far east tour.



John Combs, George Young and Yours Truly...Hong Kong Tour 196?


Allan Clark, yours truly & 'Bo - ' Singapore recording studio session - 196?



Green Room Band Call - Allan Clark, 'Bo' And Stewart Field(me) talking through the dots with 'The Caravelles' (' Gonna Get along Without You Now' etc.)


Alexandra Barracks, Singapore 196?

Above- - Pete Bun & John Sherringham.



Below - Ron Brennan, Barry Collison, Bert Fulford, Pete Bun, Joe McCulloch, Danny Bryan.

Above - Pete Bun & fellow French Horn Player Bill Price.


Below -Ken Johnson, Dave Green, 'BO' Henry Clydesdale, Pete Humphries, Gibby Harrison, Steve Campion and Paul Tynan kneeling.

Gibby, Lawrence Warbuton, Henry Clydesdale & Paul Tynan


A rare shot of John Henson's back during our flight back home



Alan'Nobby'Clark & David Smith.


My first gig with the 'Blue Rockets' when the R.A.O.C. received the freedom of Nottingham playing my new 1968 Fender Jazz bass which I still have although we're both showing signs of ageing!



One of the many line-ups of the newly formed 'Blue Rockets' also known as The Neil James Sound' for civilian gigs.






?? - George Young (Drum Major) ?? - John Henson, Mike Eastwood, Dave Smith. Knelling - Edward Heath, Les Baker.


Below - Dave Smith, John Taylor, George Ridley & George Young.



Below - Alan & 'Sparky' 1973


'Lakeside Club' Frimley - Resident Band


Keys -Greg White. Bass/MD Pete Skinner. Trombone - Alex Kettlewell. Tpt - Bill Lilley.

Alto/Tenor - Dave Green & playing Drums the late Steve Harris.




The late Chuck Butler with Bill Lilley & Bob Nicholson


A more recent recording of the band(1989)

(L/Cpl R.S. Smith - an original painting by M.J. Henderson)


Mrs. Anna Mitchell (wife of Capt. Mitchell) with daughters Susan & Heidi, June 2003


Below the late...'Bill Barrowcliffe' with Anna & Susan/Anna & Heidi.


What ever became of...........


Sgt. Ron Bishop. ex Royal Sussex. NCO i/c Boys & Solo Clarinet.

Frank Lamb. Bandmaster 2nd Paras

Peter B. Smith. M.B.E. Coldstream Guards -Bandmaster QRIH.

Ken Webb -Coldstream Guards.

Tom Brownlow - Irsh Guards.

Titch Cocker - Irish Guards

Bill Lilley -Trumpet with BBC Scottish Radio Orch/Maynard Ferguson Band

(let me know if you can update this section)


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - George Young was somewhat bemused to learn of his untimely demise. After a fascinating conversation with John, his son, it gives me the greatest of pleasure to announce that George is very much alive and well at 80...playing 18 holes of golf a Day! .....every Day!!.....................now that's what I call a resurrection!!! Good 'on ya' George!!!!


Had a surprise visit from my old friend Alan Tadier the other day and he kindly donated the below images from his album. Some of the guys are after my time so I haven't been able to put all the names in but hopefully they will bring back some fond memories for all of you who remember these guys.......... or is it you in the photos???

(More 'candid' pictures over the coming weeks)

Alan, Bill Price and Bedford 3 tonner

Cyprus second tour..Gibby & 'The Mob'

' Bo' & ' Mungo'



Ken Johnson



Berlin- Pete Griffin & Paul Tynan

???????........................................Ken Jhonson, Dave Smith & ????

??????????????????????????????????????????????...........Ted Heath,Bill Price,Don Philimore,John Brooks & Dudley Bond.

John Brooks & ?? ..............................................................John Sherry(I think)& Bert Fulford

Drop me a line if you can put a name to any of the above guys?


RAOC Hockey Team Sept- May 81





Below R.A.O.C. Re-Union(top photo, L-R. Bill Price, Bernard Morgan, Stewart Field & Lesley Field)

R.I.P. Steve French





( This section is in fond memory memory and admiration of Eric Delaney - Steve Harris & Barry Simmons, Drummers unique and masters of their craft!)




K.H. Parade through the street of Twickenham - 70/71 course(I'm front left as you look at it)

The Stewart Johnson Big Band which I ran whilst at K.H. along with J.J.Johnson

FAST FORWARD!!....BELOW September 2012-Prom 59:Trombone Section - John Wilson Orchestra— with Mark Nightingale, Gordon Campbell, Liam Kirkman and Andy Wood at Royal Albert Hall.


Royal Military School of Music Kneller Hall Dance Band - Private Function at E.M.I. Records, Hayes.



Then the first thing you do when you leave the Army is..........GROW HAIR AND FORM A BAND!!!



Back Row- Henry Clydesdale, Barry Simmonds,Alan Clarke - Front Row - John Sherry,Lesley Field, Stewart Field.

Barry Simmonds - drums

Then you get a job with another band or 2 or 3 or 4-..........??

Resident Band - Bristol Tiffanys (Late 70's)


John Sherry. Henry Clydesdale. Nigel Smith. Lesley Field. John Ward. Me. Marion Clydesdale.


Me/Lesley/Steve Harris - drums/Joy Brown/Simon Fricker-Kys/Clive Allsopp

(Opening night Police Ball at ' Butterley Police Headquarters, Ripley)

Opening night Police Ball at ' Butterley Police Headquarters



Eric Delaney 1984/5 & Chico Arnez 1977/83 - ( I have recently been informed that Chico Arnez [aka. Jack Davies] passed away a few years ago...my deepest condolences to Tammy,Candy Margaret and all his Family.

Above- Gavin Spowat (Tpt) Me (Bass) 'Fergus' (Kys)







Yours truly, Chico Arnez(Jack Davies) & Colin Portious(Guitar)



In session at BBC Maida Vale Studios


Relaxing between Gigs in Monaco at the Beach Plaza Hotel

Margaret(vox)Chico,Graham Ratcliff(tpt) & Lee Slater(tnr).

Chico,Graham(tpt) Me(bass),my wife Lesley(vox) & Margaret(vox)


Those were the days! Dave Buxton, My Wife and I, Gerry Bishop & Ian Cunnignham(Jock)


Me good self and my wife Lesley plus Linda Dawson and my very good friend Clive Allsopp


Below - I have just received some great pics, from an OLD friend of mine 'RON COOPER' who I played with some years ago with amongst others JIMMY CRAWFORD, of a couple of the artists we have both performed with over the years.....

Above - Eartha Kit, who I worked with at CHURCHILLS CLUB in New Bond Street W1. A few pages from their brochure way back when George Kray was the manager of the club group who played through till Champagne breakfast at 0600hrs. I was in the house band,two shows a night,same routine/acts as the 'Talk Of The Town'....they all 'doubled'

( I'm behind the 'Baco Foil' with the rest of the band)



The one and only MATT MUNROE! (Old faithfull fender in the background)


Commodore International, Nottingham - Resident Band (1978-84)

Keys-Barry Farnsworth. Vox- Lesley Field & Lin Arnold. Drum's-Russell Heaton. Bass/Trumpet-Me. Bass/Guitar-Mike Robinson..........front line when we could afford it!!!


Augment - Rod Arnold-vocals( also Mansfield Town Goalkeeper) Dave Hinson & Don Owen-Trumpets. Owen & Michelle-Saxs Steve Draper-Keys



Derby Assembly Rooms Gig (heavily pregnant Lesley)


On tour with Robert Young (Mansfield Civic Theatre)

MD/Bass- Stewart Field. Keys - Nigel Danford. Dms - Frank Davey. Tpt- Colin Yates. Tbne - Ian Richards. Tnr - Owen'Eddy' Edwards. (197?)


VE Night Gig - Colin Cox Big Band

Myself & Steve Cox on Drums


Lesley & Ian Richards (same gig)



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This section is In Fond Memory of Ike Isaacs & Jim Burns (Burns Guitars)

Stewart Field (me) - The 'Day Job' (or life after HMF! )

Ike Isaacs & Poacher along with John Lomas( Managing Director) & my good self holding the other end of the banner!

Stewart Field(again) the Late Jim Burns and Ike Isaacs along with Martin Taylor, check out Jim's latest models.

Testing the gear out, ready for the Randall/Antoria/Ibanez tour

This is me trying desperately to keep up with MartinTaylor and Roy Sainsbury! ......... Had a surprise call from Roy today.....he's still a 'mover & shaker' on the scene! Click Here For Roy's Website...it's a great read!

I wonder what Martin was thinking of my attempt at a solo!?

Not impressed....so I'll hand it back to the Masters! ' Ike & Martin'

And just incase any of you thought that forgetting your guitar meant you couldn't do the gig....think again!

And so to the bar.................

Jim Burns along with Myself, Martin Taylor, Mike Freer(World Champion UNDERWATER Drummer) and Ike at theLakeside Club, Frimley for a demonstartion/promotion.

Quick Update from Martin's Facebook entry1/09/2012...

Martin Taylor Mbe.
Rehearsing the 'Spirit of Django Orchestral Suite' with the Britten Sinfonia for tomorrow nights concert at the Royal Albert Hall. It's amazing to hear my themes orchestrated by Guy Barker and played by a full symphony orchestra and big band. Need to have a lunch break to come off cloud 9 for a few minutes and get my breath back. Astonishing noise!

Below - A Few Endorsements

Me and Dave Pegg "Peggy" ( Fairport Convention & Jethro Tull etc. )197?

I had the dubious honour of being a 'Dykon'....the Group that during the 60's were very big (ahead of the Beatles in the charts at one point!) in both it's own right and for their front man/vocalist Dave Kaye, bearing a striking resemblance vocally to Elvis. In fact Dave appeared in a film featuring Elvis and also has strong links even today with the Elvis fan club. I have pasted below a copy of a letter Dave still has written by Elvis to President Nixon (thought some of you might find it interesting?) 'DAVE KAYE & THE DYKONS' 199? Malcolm Froggart (Drums) Ian Gilbert (Keys) 'DAVE KAYE' Mike Robinson(Guitar) Stewart Field (Bass Guitar)

A Gig At The REGAL in Ripley!!....Rob Bradley (Guitar) Malc Froggart.(Drums) Debs & Tanya (B/Vs) Me (Bass)

Elvis Presley's letter to President Nixon pages 1-5 + 6 the printed version, he apologised to Nixon when he met him, for the handwriting, he said it was turbulence as he'd written it on the plane.! Nixon's typed copy at the end.


Took a few years out from Bass Guitar and went back on French Horn with the Phoenix Wind Orchestra. Alan Thorn and myself probably having a bit of 'turbulence' during 633 Squadron.......

Another successful concert finished at Chatsworth House...cool down lip time....


This is me in the Rik Gaynor ELVIS tribute band trying to do an impression of Elvis's bass player.....the great Jerry Scheff......

Elvis/Rik Promo

(DEMO)Elvis Is Back In The Building (DEMO)

The band also features Alan Wormald on Guitar(SHAKATAK)as M.D.


(Below)Getting to grips with the desk in the early 90s

PRESS RELEASE 2005 (Local Recording Studio Signs with Virgin)

Meadow Farm Studio is celebrating 35 years of recording this year, 24 of which have been in Lower Hartshay, Derbyshire. Stewart Field, the Studios owner, has a wide and varied musical background starting as a Cornet player in Dove Holes Silver Band. He then joined the Royal Army Ordnance Corps Staff Band (R.A.O.C.) as a French Horn player doubling on String Bass. He then attended The Royal Military School Of Music Kneller Hall, studying under Alfred Cursue (4th Horn/Dennise Brain Quartet) gaining the required qualifications for the Student Bandmaster course. Whilst at Kneller Hall Stewart put his own Big Band together, which included fellow student Gordon Campbell on Trombone, and supported the Maynard Ferguson band for a live BBC recording. Stewart has recently taken up French horn again, after a 30 plus years break, playing/touring with 'The Phoenix Concert Band' with Stephen Barton being principal French horn.
He later left the military to tour with such artistes as Frankie Vaughan, Eric Delaney, Chico Arnez, The English Philharmonic Orchestra, Tony Christy & Martin Taylor (currently voted worlds number 1 jazz guitarist) as well as recording for the BBC, both in London and Birmingham plus the Charlie Chester show for Granada. He later worked at the 'Lakeside Club' in Camberley with such names as Freddie Cole (Nats brother) The Brothers Lees, Tommy Cooper and Lesley Crowther to name but a few, He then played Bass in the resident band at 'Churchill's Club' in New Bond Street were he had the pleasure of working with such names as Eartha Kit, Juliet Prowse (co-star with Elvis Presley in G.I.Blues) and the infamous Bernard Manning. He then became Musical Director of Dagenham Silver Prize Band and also the now closed Commodore International Club in Nottingham. During his time at the Commodore, were he doubled on Bass Guitar & Trumpet, he had the pleasure of working with and meeting many artists including, Gerry Marsden, Gene Pitney, Marti Caine, Bob Monkhouse, Duncan Norvelle(chase me!) The Nolan Sisters,Ken Dodd and Les Dennis. In the early 70's Stewart was responsible along with Tony Adamson (Clarity Music) for bringing the name Karaoke into the country and recording the First Backing tapes. For this the studio was black listed by the Musicians Union for a short time until backing tracks/Karaoke became accepted and the studio became prolific in recording tracks with real musicians (as opposed to midifile/sequenced tracks) In the late 70's Stewart took a sideways step and formed his own company, in conjunction with Leo Fender (Fender guitars) and Don Randall, designer of the worlds first guitar amplifier. The company, called EVERBIMES, which is semibreve spelt backwards, imported G&L Guitars and Randall amps and became a major player on the musical instrument wholesale distribution stage. During this time, in his capacity as marketing manager, Stewart worked with such names as, Rod Stewart, Billy Jo Spears, Peter Gabriel, Boxcar Willy, Genesis, Poacher, The Spinners, Randy California, Sammy Hagar, Ian Anderson(Jethro Tull) Dave Pegg and Fairport Convention, Ruby Murray, Leapy Lee, Wayne Fontana, Tom O'Connor & many more. Infact it was through Dave Pegg that Stewart first caught the studio bug and purchased 'Peggy's' Cropredy studio when Peggy moved to Barford St.Michael. Having been a professional musician for most of his life, Stewart has also played in many shows including, Grease, Spike, Summer Holiday, Fame, Les Miserables We Will Rock You, Back To The 80's. Oliver, Scandalouse, Oz, Forbidden Planet, Disco Inferno, Boogie Nights and recently played Bass Guitar in Jesus Christ Superstar at the Derby Assembly Rooms, alongside Martin Kershaw on guitar.

His Studio has, and is being used for all types of recordings from productions for John Tams including music for the TV series Sharpe, music for Peak Practice, working with local maestro Greg Francis, who directed and produced the Memphis Belle Orchestra recorded at Meadow Farm, to recording the music for Gulliver's Kingdom's Christmas shows, Peter Pan for Holiday on Ice (Walt Disney) and the Audio Assist Manuals for Network Rail. The studio also had the privilege of working with the late Murray Slater and his Grace Andrew Cavendish, the 11th Duke of Devonshire, along with the Derbyshire County Youth Windband for the recording of the original music to celebrate the tercentenary of the Devonshire Dukedom at Chatsworth. More recently the Studio has just completed CD's for DaleDiva, Rolls Royce Ladies Choir, The Dalesman Male Voice Choir.The studio has also already been booked to record ' Voices ' (Derby City Ladies Choir) as well as a 3rd album for Alfreton Ladies Choir, now renamed.
It was in-between these sessions that Stewart originated the Studio Experience. Danny Jones (McFly) recorded his debut single 'Silence in The City' a moving song about the tragic events of 9/11, during a studio voucher session. Pete Conway, also known as Robbie Williams Dad, recorded some tracks at the studio and also took demos, written by Martin Kershaw, for Robbie to evaluate. This experience is now available in most major retail stores including Harrods, Debenham's, House of Fraser, etc. and this concept has now been copied nationally by many studios, large and small. In 2005 Stewart signed a contract with Activity Superstore which puts the Studio in WH Smiths, Argos & Boots as well as on line with Amazon, experiencemad.co.uk giftexperience.com monsteractivitydays.co.uk findmeagift.com and many more.
In 2005 the Studio signed a similar contract with Virgin and is now included in their Experience brochure. Infact Meadow Farm is represented by more retailers and agencies than any other recording studio and is exclusively featured in the 'Ultimate Gift Experiences' guide 2005.

Checking out a few"horny" overdubs...............

Below - Doing my Simon Cowell impersonation?

Email - stewart@meadowfarmstudio.co.uk

or - stewartmfield@gmail.com

If anyone is interested this is my FaceBook page-


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